Katherine Daigle
Managing Partner

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knd LegalConsulting, LLC specializes in consulting and contract management services. With years of extensive industry experience, we facilitate multi-faceted requests within time and budget. Our services are designed to ensure commercial growth, longevity, and marketability. We effectively service an array of businesses, corporations and individual clients with lasting results. With a team of highly dedicated business experts, we work with true precision and ensure the following services:

Management Team.

Decide whether your business will be operated independently, or whether staff—or partners—will be necessary to meet client needs.

Contracts and Agreements.

While not all business use formal contracts with clients, it is advisable to document, in writing, the agreement and expectations of the business relationship to help manage expectations and avoid misunderstanding. Written agreements can also help in situations where the “internal and external” customers within an organization change. Written agreements are critical so that everyone is clear on the work to be done, timelines, payments—and how to handle disputes.

Most proposals should be detailed and specific. Proposals include several standard sections that cover objectives, metrics, and value to the customer, timing, methodology, options, joint accountability, terms and conditions. Proposals do not have to be extremely detailed or lengthy. In fact, a simple letter agreement can be as short as one-half page. The key is to include, a description of the services that will be performed, a deadline by which services will be completed and the fees that will be charged.

Entity Formation or Legal Structure.

Determine whether the business will operate as a sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), S corporation, etc.


Identify revenue and expense expectations and establish a preliminary budget for operations.


Determine how business operations will be managed, including such matters as invoice management, collections, tax considerations, etc. Identify necessary outside resources (e.g., legal, financial).


Identify insurance needs, which include health and corporate insurance as well as professional liability insurance. The type and level of coverage selected will be based on the business’s financial situation, level of exposure and degree of acceptable risk.


Determine licensing requirements. States, as well as many cities and counties, have different rules about business licenses and taxes, we can identify with the appropriate agencies to determine requirements for doing business in their area.

knd LegalConsulting is the perfect portal for small commercial ventures. We also assist downsized companies, start-ups and even existing entities. With true insight and expertise, we implement intricate tools that are vital to any business. We also form strategic alliances, which help develop and expand business capacities. With advanced experience, we can assist your company with:

  • Major Contracts, Leases and Business Transactions
  • Business Advisory Service, Business Filings
  • Contract Review, Drafting, Negotiations, and Compliance
  • Non-disclosure (NDA) and Non-compete Agreements
  • Corporate Governance, Regulatory, Legal Compliance Reporting and Controls
  • Risk Mitigation, Management and Corporate Insurance
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Labor Laws
  • Procurement, Master and Sub-Vendor Management
  • Manage Portfolios and Fair Debt Collection, Credit Policy Strategies
  • Policy and Procedures Administration
  • Office Re-locations, Restructuring and Expansion Strategies
  • Process Monitoring and Improvement
  • Human Resource Strategies, Training and Talent Acquisition – Management
  • Payroll
  • Benefit Plan Analysis and Recommendations

We are committed to excellence in all endeavors. With a proven track record of success, our consultation and management services are truly unsurpassed. Let us help you build a productive future today